The Fresno aging population is one of the fastest growing age groups in California. Across California 13% of the population is over the age of 65. In the Central Valley, the percentage of elders ranges from a low of 9% in Kings County to almost 13% in Madera County. This is about to change rapidly, as the Central Valley will experience exponential growth; a 68% increase in the number of seniors by 2035. This growth is faster than every other region in California, with the exception of Los Angeles.1

Fresno and Madera are Rapidly Aging

Exact numbers and projections for the growth of the older population for Fresno and Madera counties is in Chart 1. Currently around 120,000 persons in Fresno County, or 11% of the population is over the age of sixty-five. Between 2020 and 2030, the older population in Fresno will grow by fifty thousand. Madera County will experience an increase of approximately 7,000 persons over the age of 65 each decade until 2050, at which point the growth will be approximately 10,000 persons.1

The Fastest Growing Group is Aged 80 and Older

Most pressing, is the growth of the oldest population, those persons 80 and older. There is an expected 134% increase, and once again the Central Valley is aging much faster than any other region in California. Fresno for example, has approximately 13,000 persons over the age of 85; by 2030 that number will increase by nine thousand.2  Persons over the age of 85 are more likely than their younger counterparts to need assisted living, home and home health care, transportation, and other personal care and social services.

In short, the Central Valley is one of the fastest aging regions in California. The senior population is increasing due to the aging baby boomer, advances in medicine and technology, older adults from coastal areas looking for cheaper retirement living, moving to be near family, and an increase in Hispanic immigration. Many seniors are simply aging in place as they cannot afford and do not want to move.

Fresno County Aging Statistics


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