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There are many community resources for older adults. This page has information on support groups,  the ombudsman program, medication disposal sites, veterans resources, and other helpful information for accessing services. Health and senior resource fairs, and other events for older adults are listed in the community events calendar.

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Help with Medicare

If you need Medicare counseling, the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP) in Fresno provides free advice on Medicare options. Medicare Counseling  HICAP is a program specifically for Medicare beneficiaries. Older adults on Medicare, or adults who are in the process of retiring and enrolling in Medicare can use this service. HICAP counselors are certified and undergo training to provide assistance with understanding Medicare plans. HICAP counselors are not [...]

Veterans Resources

The veterans resources in Visalia and Fresno listed on this page include information on employment, social get-togethers, and advanced health care planning. For those registered in Cal Jobs, there are  meetings in Visalia on Thursday. The services include help with resumes, job searches, interviewing tips and more.

Community Events Calendar

Many community agencies and businesses sponsor educational events and health fairs in Fresno. Attending is a great way to learn about resources and supportive services for older adults. Most of these events are free. Many businesses also give back to the community by organizing charity drives for older adults.  The wonderful work they do would not be possible without community volunteers. Most of the events happen in Spring and Fall. [...]

Elder Abuse in Fresno County

The United Nations designated June 15th as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day to raise awareness of abuse and mistreatment experienced by our vulnerable older population. Elder abuse and mistreatment is often hidden in families. Across the United States, family members are the most likely to abuse the older adults in their care. Types of Elder Abuse Elder abuse is the deliberate mistreatment or neglect of older adults and can happen [...]

How to Dispose of Medication in Fresno County

Free Medication Disposal in Fresno County Disposing of unwanted prescription medications properly keeps chemicals out of our ground water and prevents children and teens from mistakenly taking prescription medications. Disposing of old prescriptions also keeps older adults from confusing their current with past prescriptions. Expired medications may not be as effective and may cause adverse complications. There is advice on the internet that says medications can be mixed with [...]

Ombudsmen – Help for Loved Ones in Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Care

If family members have questions about regulations or concerns about mistreatment, and safety of their loved one while in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, an ombudsman can help. Ombudsman means “one who speaks on another’s behalf.”  The ombudsman is an independent, neutral, and objective advocate for residents who live in skilled nursing facilities and residential care facilities for the elderly. They focus on protecting an individual’s rights to [...]

Support Groups

There are many reasons to consider joining a support group. Oftentimes friends and extended family who are not living through your experience will not fully understand that experience. Participants in support groups share similar experiences, and because of this are able to fully support each other. Many support groups also provide opportunity to share and learn new skills. Support group participants also receive education on disease processes, updates on medical [...]

Fresno Madera Area Agency on Aging Food, Clothing, Resource List

This resource list comes from the Fresno Madera Area Agency on Aging. The second page of the PDF is intentionally left blank. To view the PDF online you must scroll to the bottom of the document and position the cursor over the bottom. A gray bar will show across the bottom with navigation arrows.  […]

At 104, Mrs. Pedreira Gives Advice and Remembers Fresno

Mrs. Pedreira with her grandson, Michael Long Since sharing this interview, Agewell Fresno staff were saddened to learn of Mrs. Pedreira's passing on Jan 4, 2018. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Fresno County has 83 centenarians, people over the age of 100. At 104, Mrs. Laverne Pedreira may be one of the oldest living persons in Fresno County. Mrs. Pedreira was born in 1913. She grew up in [...]