Why doesn’t Fresno have a senior center? How are Fresno City council officials going to meet the social needs of older citizens in Fresno? These and other questions are being discussed once a month at a special meeting of the Taskforce for Senior Citizens of Fresno. At the monthly meeting held on June 21st, 2017 the taskforce grappled with several questions. Underlying the discussion was the knowledge that currently, the City of Fresno does not have funds earmarked for a senior center. One question was posed by Council member Clint Olivier, “How do we determine, … where the best location is in Fresno to have a senior center?” And another bigger issue, does the City of Fresno purchase and renovate an existing building, or build a brand new senior center?

If the City of Fresno approves the senior center project and is able to secure funds, either through grants, community donations, or as part of the city budget, the senior center project is an estimated 4 – 6 years to completion. Fresno residents who wish to participate in senior activities currently attend the Clovis Senior Activity Center.

Concerned citizens can attend the monthly meetings held at City Hall which are open to the public. For dates and time call 559 – 621-8000.