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There are many activities for older adults in Fresno. Seniors can have a meal at a senior center, join a card group, sing with a choir, or play softball; the choices are endless. Here is where you will find information on many senior activities.

Mendocino Attractions and Activities

If you are looking to escape the heat this summer, and want to enjoy beaches and solitude, head to Mendocino. Mendocino county boasts over 100 miles of Northern California’s rugged coastline, with hidden coves, sea caves, beaches, walking and hiking trails, and a step back in time. Known for its art galleries, fine dining, and sweeping views of the rugged Pacific coast, Mendocino is reminiscent of coastal Maine. It’s [...]

Holiday Tips for Seniors

It’s the time of year when social media, television, and movies create the illusion of ‘perfect holidays.’ However, for many older adults the most important aspect of holidays is spending time with family. Older parents may be overjoyed at being relieved of the holiday planning, or they may feel  they no longer have an important role in the new traditions. Accommodating older family members with mobility or other health conditions [...]

Coro Solare and the Gift of Song

Dr. Anna Hamre, Chris Simmons, Ken Elias, and Sandra Giersch contributed to this story. Happiness is found singing in the company of good friends. The seventy-two members of Coro Solare range in age from 50 to 94, and share their gift of music through concerts and community service. Coro Solare is the newest choir ensemble in the Fresno Community Chorus, Inc. organization. They specialize in choral music which is intended [...]

SilverSneakers- Friends and Exercise

For many 'exercise' is a dirty word. It is difficult to get motivated and easy to let chores and daily life get in the way of exercise. Hanging out with friends is a powerful motivator to exercise and be healthy. SilverSneakers is a free program for boomers and older adults; about one in five older adults qualify because their health plan covers the gym membership. There are many gyms that [...]

Senior Centers & Meal Sites

Most community meal sites in Fresno also act as senior centers. Fresno senior centers are usually open half a day and have activities, exercises, and provide an opportunity to meet with friends. The activities, hours, fees, age at which a person is a ‘senior,’ and suggested lunch donation differ at the various community centers. Information for this list was obtained by calling the community centers. Many of these centers require [...]

Join a Group – Engage

Joining a group keeps people engaged, happy, and healthy. There are many senior groups in Fresno; from volunteering, to socializing, learning, and being physically active there are groups to meet a wide variety of needs in later life. Fresno Senior Softball League If you like to play softball then check out the Fresno Senior Softball League. They have different leagues to join. Fresno Retired Senior Volunteer Program (R.S.V.P.) This program [...]