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The Fresno Public Library is the new go-to-place for senior resources. In addition to information, their senior programs include fun exercise classes, and social activities for older adults. Check out the Fresno Public Library Senior Resource Center. There are 37 branches of the Fresno Public Library and all have something a little different to offer. James Tyner, adult librarian at the Betty Rodriguez Library, and also the current Fresno Poet Laureate, took the time to share all the wonderful programs offered to older adults.

A free library card gives you access to books, computers, and other library resources. You can check out 25 items at a time. Most items can be held for 3 weeks, and there is an option to renew them for a longer period of time.  One of the most important library resources are the staff who are able to provide basic assistance on how to use computers. Some branches have four-hour laptop rentals.

Computer Classes

Free Computer Basic Classes at the Betty Rodriquez Library have about four to five people per class. They cover getting to know a computer, how to access, read, and send your emails, and Facebook basics. They also teach people how to use Ipads and Ebook readers. The best part is the free e-books (including best sellers), and free movies, which can be downloaded to read and watch at home. You need to register for the computer classes. Registration is as simple as calling the library branch and asking to be added to a class (559 -600 -9245).

For the more advanced user, the library offers a free subscription to These online mini classes help users better learn how to use technology, software, and even your cellphone.

Exercise Classes

Some of the branches offer free exercise classes. The Betty Rodriguez Library offers yoga, including chair yoga for seniors. These classes are usually offered three times a week. In addition to yoga and Tai Chi, multiple branches offer Sit and Be fit Free Exercise classes for seniors. The Sit and Be Fit classes are low-impact exercise classes, geared to older adults who may have limited mobility. This is a great way to get out of the house, exercise, and make new friends.

Craft Classes

Surprisingly the library offers a variety of craft classes. One craft class features master gardeners and students make a container garden with small succulents. For aspiring writers, James Tyner teaches free writing workshops. Many seniors who are interested in writing their memoirs find these classes helpful.

Help for Persons with Visual Impairment and Homebound

For persons who may have visual impairments the library is equipped with viewing and audio tools for using the computer. The library also has large print books. For persons who may not get out as much, the library can help with talking books for the blind. These books are mailed to your home, and you have to mail them back or turn them to one of the many library branches.

Genealogy Services

For history buffs, the library offers genealogy services. Located on the second story in the Central Branch Library there is a genealogy room containing yearbooks, and obituary records.  They also have websites and other resources to aid in international family searches.

Veterans Resource Center

The veterans resource center at the Betty Rodriguez library has trained volunteers who help veterans connect with local resources, such as emergency housing, employment, education, and even healthcare.

Looking for something to do with the Grandkids?

You can always Dial-A-Story. You can call 599 -600-8253 (TALE) and listen to a story read for children. Sometimes the Betty Rodriquez Library shows free PG or G rated movies on Saturdays (call 559-600-9245) to ask about the schedule.

How to know which events are going on at the library. 

The best way to know which events are being held at the various library branches is to check the library calendar. You can look at offerings by library branch, event type, and age group. The Betty Rodriguez Library also posts their events on Facebook.

So what are you waiting for? The library has something for everyone, and the classes as well as the benefits are free!

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Fresno Library Senior Resources