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What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is not a nursing home. Assisted living is an option between remaining at home and moving into a skilled nursing facility. In California assisted living facilities are licensed by the Department of Social Services and called residential care facilities for the elderly. The Department of Social Services protects resident’s rights to dignity, autonomy, privacy, and safety. When older adults experience disabilities, chronic diseases and frailty, remaining in their [...]

Is it a Skilled Nursing Home, Nursing Home, or Long-term Care?

While we often think of a nursing home as a long-term residence, most of today’s nursing facilities also provide short-term stays for patients leaving hospitals after a health crisis or after surgery. Sometimes called a nursing home or a rehabilitation center, a skilled nursing facility (SNF) provides 24-hour skilled nursing care, and supportive related services to people who need care on a long-term basis. The typical resident is a person [...]

Six Expert Tips for Adult Children on Moving Mom and Dad to Assisted Living

By David Reed Moving a parent or a loved one into assisted living is one of the more difficult milestones in any older adult’s life. It represents a loss of independence for the parent and is stressful for everyone involved. Planning ahead for the challenges to come will make the experience easier for everyone. First, put yourself in your older parent’s place. They might be leaving a home they’ve lived [...]

Fresno Nursing Home Ratings

Fresno Nursing Home Ratings Families who are looking for nursing home care (skilled nursing care) for a loved one must consider how the number and types of staff will affect the care their loved one needs. Understaffing in nursing homes has been a widespread complaint across the United States. The federal government has recently expressed concerns about lack of staffing in nursing homes, especially on nights and weekends. The federal [...]